In My House (My Lighthouse Parody)

It’s time! I (Taylor) finished recording the audio for In My House, our parody of My Lighthouse by Rend Collective. Now it’s YOUR turn to add to the video. Remember, the demo you’re watching is all shots of me (just to give you an idea of what we’re aiming for), but once you’ve all done your parts, it will be all you. No one wants to see a dude all by himself singing a parody song; they want to see you being creative and showing what life is like for you these days.

Here's the YouTube link to the demo video (your videos will replace all the shots of me, tiled like in Zoom).

Here are the lyrics.

Here is the sheet music for you, instrumentalists. (Sorry that it's all the parts together, rather than each part individually. You'll want to print it out.)


Have two phone/table/computer devices: 1) something to play the video with (device #1), and that you can plug headphones into to hear the video; and, 2) something to record yourself with (device #2). Plug your headphones into device #1, start recording on device #2, and then press play on device #1 and sing along (while looking into device #2’s camera). You can either hold device #2 yourself (and use the selfie camera), or have someone record you—your choice.


Please record in landscape, not portrait mode—in other words, record holding your phone/tablet horizontally, not vertically, so that the end video doesn’t have black bars on the sides when watching on a computer or TV.

(If you're nervous about singing "in front" of others, remember that others will be singing too, so it will sound like a choir. And, I can always work a little music magic to make us sound better.)


Once you’ve done one full recording of you singing along, make new recordings in which you act out the different scenes. These only need to be a few seconds long each. Make up your own stuff, make tweaks to what I’ve done, or just copy me if you can’t think of anything. Really sell whatever you’re acting out—be crazy, weird, funny, super serious… whatever the scene “calls” for :)


Have fun with it. Text your friends this web page ( so they can do it too. Rope your family into it. Make it your own.



Use to send your videos to my email ( It’s a free (up to 2 GB) transfer service and works really well. Let me know if you need any help. Once I receive all the videos, I’ll edit everything together and hopefully we’ll have a dozen (or two?) of us all on screen at the same time, looking like we’re singing and having a great time together, apart.


I can see it now at the 1:32 mark of the video, all of us at once singing together, in our own little squares on the screen.






If I find the time, I’ll make sheet music for all you with band instruments so you can record yourself playing along with your instrument.

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