New Faith Formation Options

2nd Hour  -  Fall 2019

Sundays, September 29 - November 10

11:15 am – 12 pm

No 2nd Hour on Nov 3 (25th Anniversary Celebration)

For High School Youth & Adults
THEOED: Brief Talks, Big Ideas

TheoEd is a faith-based speaker series that brings together leading thinkers in the church and the academy to give the talk of their lives in 20 minutes or less. They are TED-style presentations that seek to spark conversations about God, religion, and the power of faith to shape lives and communities. After watching a TheoEd video each week, we will reflect on and discuss what we have learned and what we are challenged by.

A Guide to Bible Basics

What's actually in the Bible? Where do we find the story of Moses or Jesus's Parable of the Prodigal Son? Who are the main characters in the books of Joshua and Acts? A Guide to Bible Basics provides a summary and chapter outline of each biblical book. The class will cover the basic content of the Bible to help develop a level of comprehension of the Bible's stories, poetry, regulations, and teachings.


For Children & Middle School Youth

Children Pre-K - 1st Grade led by Tina Vandemeer and Kristin Skordahl

Children Grades 2 - 5 in room 3 led by Sherri Rhyne

Youth Grades 6 - 8 in the Fellowship House led by Taylor Austin

In 2nd Hour, we'll check in each week to see how one another is doing, and then we'll explore stories in the Bible—stories about God, God's people, and all the crazy twists and turns they take together from the first creation stories (Genesis) to the final creation story (Revelation).