Meet ORPC's Director of Faith Formation & Youth

Welcome Taylor Austin to ORPC!

God has a plan. For the past several years, I’ve been confident that God indeed has a plan for ORPC.  I am thrilled to announce ORPC has hired a new Director of Faith Formation and Youth, Taylor Austin. Taylor will begin his work with ORPC on July 15, 2019.  Taylor will graduate from Princeton Seminary in May Masters of Divinity and a MA in Christian Education and Formation. He brings experience in many areas including youth ministry, worship, outreach and technology. Taylor will focus in youth ministry, but will do a variety of things at ORPC. 

Taylor will work primarily in the areas of Faith Formation, Youth, and Community Outreach. Taylor has gifts that ORPC needs.  In many ways, he will serve as a pastoral assistant until he is able to be ordained. With excitement and gratitude to God, join me in welcoming Taylor Austin as our newest staff member!


Yours in Christ,


About Taylor

Taylor is a native Californian from the Bay Area, and just graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has a passion for music—writing and creating as expressions and reflections on life and theology, and their interrelatedness—playing and watching basketball, and applying theological insights to intentional faith formation for himself and others. Taylor grew up in the church, and in high school began serving in ministry; since then he has been involved in youth ministry, worship (music and preaching), pastoral care, and administration.

What Other Say About Taylor

"In Taylor, you will get a very thoughtful, creative individual who is really invested in the church and invested in people. He will do his best to really work with whatever the church’s mission is and help people accomplish their goals. He is a relational down to earth person that I think people will really enjoy. It’s those one on one moments with people where you really get to see who he is and where he shines.

"My experience with Taylor is that he is someone who works well with other people regardless of their personality. He strives to have the mindset that we are the Body of Christ and we all have different strengths and how can we work together to accomplish the common good.


Taylor is just such a people-person and he gets such a kick out of people! He has the ability to be in a role with people of any age. He’s quite capable of relationship building and knowing the proper boundaries and pastoral ethics of working with kids, youth and senior adults.


Everything he does is ‘A’ stuff... You are absolutely going to get a man who loves his Lord, who is seeking to serve and is naturally gifted with people. He lacks an ego that gets in the way. He has no need to be the important pastor in the room. He knows himself. He knows who he is, so he is free to do this thing that God is unfolding before him.

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