Lent 2020 Photo-A-Day Challenge

Lent is the season of the Christian Year that is a time of thought, simple living, and prayer leading up to Easter. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26, 202o. 


Many Christians spend this time in self-examination and reflection as Jesus did at the beginning of his ministry. In Matthew 4: 1-11 Jesus goes into the wilderness where he prays and fasts for 40 days. 

This Lenten season we are doing a campaign on Facebook and Instagram. A couple of times a week we will post a picture with a word. We challenge you to pause, think for a bit, and ask you to post a short comment on Facebook or Instagram on how you perceive that word in its relation to the Lenten season. It can be just a couple of words or a picture. No further explanation is needed.

Contemplate Lent 2020 Daily Words


26th- dust

27th- wilderness

28th- voice

29th- serve


1st - temptation

2nd - signs

3rd - spirit

4th - endure

5th - silence

6th - witness

7th - bread

8th - journey

9th - found


10th - faithful

11th - surround

12th- listen

13th - path

14th - wisdom

15th - people

16th - beloved

17th - celebrate

18th - restore

19th - settle

20th - covenant

21st - shelter

22nd - go

23rd - heal


24th -glory

25th -people

26th -vision

27th -have

28th -covenant

29th -live

30th - release

31st -look


1st- believe

2nd- heard

3rd- world

4th- celebrate


5th- humble

6th- great




10th- darkness

11th- wait