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Session Meeting Snapshot - November 1

Oak Ridge Presbyterian Session Meeting

November 1, 2020

The Session met on Nov 1st outside, and discussed the following topics:

1. The 2020 Confirmation Class was examined by session and received through affirmation of faith.

2. Arrangements for a fellowship bonfire, to be held November 15th, 5pm, were discussed.

3. The group discussed what changes in COVID-19 restrictions might happen over the coming weeks, in the face of rising case/hospitalization numbers, and recognized the need for worship plans to be flexible and to remind members to stay home if they experience COVID symptoms.

4. Travis Beeson, representing deacons, described a proposed Blood Drive to be held December 4 at ORPC. After hearing the details, session voted in favor of holding this event.

5. Brian Swierenga reported that the Nominating Committee, which is looking to nominate 3 elders and 2 deacons, has met once. Nominations are welcomed from the congregation, though they should OK it with individual they are nominating. Hopefully the group can wrap up and present to a congregational meeting early December.

6. Travis Beeson reported that deacons are taking flowers to those who have lost a loved one in the past year for All Saints Day.

7. Monie Plueger confirmed that Mission will have a By Faith Action Christmas Tree in the narthex again this year, although with an online sign-up sheet. Additionally, Mission is looking to see whether we can donate money to Summerfield Christmas Store – a store where families qualifying for free lunch program can go shopping for gifts.

8. Marti confirmed that the funeral for Charlie Asbury will take place in West Virginia November 7. Marti is doing the service, traveling next Friday, service Saturday.

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